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Antique arms restoration

Antique arms restoration by Philip Tom
Antique arms restoration

By Philip Tom

Traditional Chinese grip wrapping
Chinese grip wrapping

By Peter Dekker


Peter Dekker and Philip Tom have extensive experience in the field of antique arms and armor. They frequently advise museums, auctioneers, private collectors, scholars, researchers and documentary makers. Need help identifying an antique artifact, looking for advise on a publication, or need someone to write an article? If they don't know the answer themselves, they probably know someone that has.

Expertise focuses mostly on the antique arms and armour of the east, including China, Southeast Asia, Korea, Mongolia, Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, up to the Ottoman empire and Eastern Europe.

Topics include, but not limited to: Edged weapons, pre-modern firearms, composite bows and archery traditions.



Do you have an antique sword to sell? Let us know. We might be interested in buying the item, or help you sell it on consignment.

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