Shuangshoujian - "Two handed straightsword" [SOLD] | Mandarin Mansion

Shuangshoujian - "Two handed straightsword" [SOLD]

Overall length: 110 cm / 43.3 inch
Blade length: 86,2 cm / 33.9 inch
Blade thickness @ base, mid, tip: 6, 5, 4.5 mm
Blade width: 35 / 33,5 / 29 mm
Weight without scabbard: 1022 grams

Presented is a rare shuangshoujian (雙手劍) of the Qing dynasty probably dating from the late 19th century, blade possibly earlier. Due to the popularity of taijiquan jian swordsmanship, and the relatively scarcity of jian to begin with, antique fighting jian of any form and in any condition have become rather hard to come by. Even more so for two-handed jian, of which fewer than a handful of examples being known to us at this point.

The long blade now in full polish to show its sanmei construction with bold contrast between the individual lines in the steel and the exposed edge plate. Overall tightly forged with no flaws of any consequence. Blade in very good condition, no pitting and nicks. Blade contours nice and even with clearly defined central ridge. Faint hints on the surface to prior polishes but with no significant distortions to the blade profile.

In full set of antique brass mounts for scabbard and hilt, with “ace of spades” type guard. It ranks among the best examples of braised and engraved brass fittings encountered so far. All of precise geometry and execution with fine engraving showing excellent workmanship throughout. The brass sheets are so well braised that seems are hardly noticeable, if at all.

Original black wooden handle covered with lacquered leather. Some damage to the lacquer, otherwise in sound condition. Scabbard body is a more recent replacement, lacquered black to match the handle and with simulated distress, cracks and wear. Suspension straps of pure cotton braid are newly added.

Blade straightening and full polish by professional restorer Philip Tom.

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