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Antique arms antique arms by Artzi Yarom antique arms by Arjan Hollestelle antique arms by Erik Farrow antique arms by Maurice Bloebaum antique arms by Runjeet Singh

Antique Chinese arms research & education by Neil Anderson by Ben Judkins

Philip Tom's restoration page Antique arms restoration by our own Philip Tom Japanese sword restoration by Jeffrey Ching

Sword and knife stands

Chinese weapons, new reproduction swords by Jordy Klaver Huanuo Sword dealers

Training gear high quality wooden training weapons by Graham Cave custom padded training weapons by Lance Chan

Chinese Archery Chinese archery (Facebook group)
Traditional Manchu Archery Manchu archery (Facebook group)
Tradtional Asian Archery Asian archery (Facebook group)
Antique Chinese Arms Antique Chinese arms (Facebook group) - Ethnographic arms and armor preservation association (forum) - Asian Traditional Archery Research Network (forum)

Museums with antique Chinese arms
(Not necessarily on public display)

People's Republic of China
Palace Museum, Beijing
Military Museum, Beijing
Palace Museum, Shenyang

Republic of China (Taiwan)
National Palace Museum, Taipei

Republic of Korea
Silk Road Museum, Seoul

United States
Metropolitan Museum, New York
San Francisco Museum of Asian Art
Chicago Field Museum (Berthold Laufer collection)
Anthromuseum Missouri (Charles E. Grayson collection)

Pitt Rivers Museum
Royal Armories, Leeds
Manchester Archery Collection (Ingo Simon collection)

Ethnographic Museum, Leiden
Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam

Musée de l'Archerie, Crepy-en-Valois