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Classic Choshu ship tsuba

Size: 83 x 77 x 5mm
Weight: 144 grams

Origin: Japan
Materials: Iron
Dating: Circa 1750
Use: Has been mounted


I love depictions of ships on tsuba, so here is another one.

A classic Choshu tsuba with designs of two large ships, probably trade junks, on a rough sea with full sails. The reverse shows a tranquil scene with what looks like calm waters and a rising sun. Three crescent moon-shaped elements on the left, I cannot place.

A very similar signed example is being offered by Grey Doffin, his is signed: "Choshu Hagi Ju Nyudo Tomoyuki". Chosu work are usually practical tsuba of hard iron, with crisp carving.

This is a large tsuba, katana-size which means whoever wore it was either probably a samurai or an outlaw.

The work is nice and crisp, and the execution has a naturalistic charm to it.

€ 350,-

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